Prostate Cancer Prevention for New Yorkers: An Urgent Need for Your Input!

Dear NYSUS member

The 2nd leading cause of cancer death in American men is prostate cancer.  Many New Yorkers, especially African American men, are at an increased risk of significant prostate cancer.  In some New York counties, African-American men have double the risk of death from prostate cancer. 

It is urgent that as caregivers,  we all contact our state legislators to include prostate cancer in the 2019-2024 Prevention Agenda for the New York State Department of Health (DOH).  Use the following link to find your legislator and then click on the helpful bar to reach their office: 

Find your Assemblyperson – Click Here

You can also email your comments for updating the Prevention Agenda directly to the Ad Hoc Committee leading the Prevention Agenda at:




John Phillips, M.D.