About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the New York State Urological Society, Inc. is to serve as a diverse and inclusive organization that represents New York State urologists and their patients at the state and national levels, in order to be able to deliver and receive respectively, the best healthcare which is available.


Vision Statement

The New York State Urological Society (NYSUS) is dedicated to helping urologists care for their patients in an increasingly complex, ever-changing health care environment.  NYSUS embodies the spirit of the physician who exhibits professionalism, celebrates diversity, and champions individuality to provide excellent, efficient, and compassionate health care.

NYSUS aims to:

  • Support the quality and practice of patient care in New York State
  • Represent the voice of our state’s urologists in Albany
  • Provide up-to-date information in health care law as they affect urologists in New York
  • Empower and educate New York urologists to thrive in a complex health care environment
  • Represent our state in national efforts to preserve and expand urologic care for our patients

About Our Board

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