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A last ditch effort: act now!

This is a last ditch effort to affect the surprise bill legislation working its way through congress.  Please help. Please complete the form below:

Major threat to pediatric urologist, children, parents: do your part

We now have a fight brewing in New York State with Senator Hoylman introducing legislation trying to stop Pediatric Urologists in caring for these patients through evidence based medical/surgical management.  Link to story here:

Size does matter!

It matters how many urologist belong to NYSUS It matters how active we all are It matters how much we participate It matters how much financial support we can give Yep, size does matter.  

“Cardiology, prostate care and obstetrics are three examples, among many, of fields where high-cost care often brings no benefit.” The above sentence was copied and pasted from NYTimes Op-Ed Columnist David Leonhardt piece in today’s NYTimes.  This is an example … Continue reading

A worthy fight.

Fighting for prior authorization reform–yepFighting for liability reform–yepFighting for access to prostate cancer screening-yepFighting for access to ED medication–yep The New York State Urological Society fights for your issues and your patients.Please join us.. We can’t go it alone.